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MING FENG RUBBER CO., LTD. is an excellent company established in 1979 located in Taiwan, product natural latex gloves professionally, research and develop every kind of natural latex products.
Since 1979, there are 32 years history, there are three subsidiary are located in middle Taiwan.
The most main products are nature latex gloves, industry gloves, waterproof sleeves, double faced gloves, and other special size gloves and nature latex products.

On the basis of quality required by customers, our company is always searching progressive technique for making nature latex gloves. And get international certification of ISO9001.
We will provide more various, more quality, more reasonable price and service to customers in the world.

Cooperation and R&D
MING FENG RUBBER CO., LTD. in gloves field not only sell gloves but also provide new products service to develop, increase product value and make a profit.
In general, the natural latex rubber products are made by the dipping method, the products of length can reach 70 cm. However, our company has recently developed a new machine that is capable of making products with lengths up to 160 cm. Companies interested in developing new products of latex rubber are welcomed to provide samples and work proposals to us for future mutual cooperation.
Let us become the best dependable partner in the future.

Product Introduction
MING FENG RUBBER CO., LTD. specialized in manufacture all kinds of natural latex gloves. The quality is perfect, strong to use,Our products are partial to agriculture, fishing, industry. After improving natural latex gloves are different to old ones, hard wearing and pricked difficultly, extend a life of natural latex gloves.

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